About Us

C Squared was started in 2014 by Alex Carney and Will Calderwood. In June of 2016, Alex Carney obtained full ownership and is excited to propel the company forward by building lasting relationships with clients and helping them elevate their technology to the next level.

Alex's passion for all things electronic started at a very early age where he was often found dismantling and reassembling the family electronics. His first "home automation" project involved connecting his television to a "Clap On/Clap Off" device at the age of 7.  Alex has been in the "industry" since 2005 when he first started working at Best Buy while also attending college full time. Working his way through different divisions in the company, he was able to gain a wealth of knowledge about various products, services, and installations. Since starting C Squared, he has been able to see how all of the available technology can be utilized and integrated to best suit his client's needs. 

In his free time, Alex can be found rooting for the Green Bay Packers, watching movies, enjoying time with his family, and playing with his rescued Rottweiler, Clydesdale. 

C Squared is licensed and insured.