Personal Tech Classes

C Squared will come out to a client’s work or home and teach them the ins and outs of their tech product.  

  • Tablets
  • PC’s or Mac’s
  • TV’s
  • Cable Boxes, Blu-ray, DVD players, media devices (Roku, Apple TV)
  • Surround Sound, speakers, Bluetooth Devices (Wireless Speakers)
  • Remote
  • Home Automation

Personal Smartphone School

The smartphone in your pocket is an extremely powerful computer with hundreds of uses. Still only using it to call and text? In the comfort of your own home or office, let us teach you how to:

  • Back up contacts automatically for hassle free transfer if you upgrade or lose your phone.
  • Share, edit and backup pictures.
  • Download and manage apps.
  • Use maps and turn-by-turn navigation. 
  • Stay connecting using email, Facebook, Twitter, and others
  • Improve battery life.
  • Connect to your wireless network, TV or computer.
  • Configure security settings so you are not unwillingly sharing information.


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